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BRUSH DUMP OPEN- The brush dump is now open with video surveillance in an attempt to mitigate the large amount of prohibited material being disposed of. Persons illegally disposing of prohibited materials will be charged in accordance to Minnesota Statute 609.68. 

ACCEPTED MATERIALS: Leaves, grass, branches, tree limbs, brush and logs

UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS: Rocks, root balls, stumps, trash, metal concrete, fences, lumber, wood scraps, ALL commercial materials, plastic flower pots and plastic landscaping materials.  



The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) require the City of Harmony complete a lead service line inventory by October 16, 2024. The City of Harmony will then report the collected information back to MDH of inventory obtained. City staff will be calling to set up appointment times for visual inspection of water line(s) coming in at the water meter(s) within your home in the coming weeks.

The City of Harmony asks residents to participate in a water service line material survey to help the city with identifying the pipe material that is entering the building on the owner’s side.  The survey may be accessed by visiting https://arcg.is/15Gn900.  The survey asks residents to upload photo of their service line where it enters the house (typically below the water meter). 

References:      Lead in Drinking Water Resource

                        Lead and Copper Rule Revisions




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