Building or Remodeling

If you are looking at building/remodeling/addition (home or business), you will need the following information for a zoning permit:

1. Location of your lot lines.

2. Dimensions of your lot.

3. Description of what you are building.

4. Address where you are building.

5. A drawing of the building placed on the lot showing that the setback requirements have been met for the area your lot is zoned as.

6. Payment of connection fees (if necessary-$500 sewer, $300 water, $500 electrical)  and zoning permit fee (fee dependent upon size of building-$25 for 0-999 sq ft.; $100 for 1,000-1,999 sq ft.; and $200 for 2,000 sq ft. and over)  to the City of Harmony, based on the fee schedule.

7. Zoning permit from the City of Harmony before construction begins.

That information can be brought to city office at 225 3rd Ave SW; Harmony, MN 55939 or email or phone 507-886-8122.