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Harmony Economic Development Authority

The Harmony Economic Development Authority was organized by the City Council and dedicated volunteers who wanted to encourage participation in community development issues.


The EDA’s focus is on projects that make Harmony a better place to live, work, and do business.  EDA members serve as advocates for economic development and have been involved in other issues including housing, business development, and trail development.  The board is made up of five volunteer members, two members of the City Council and three members from the community.  Members serve six year terms and are appointed by the Mayor with approval from the City Council.


The Harmony EDA has taken on many projects over the years.  Currently, the most active program is its Revolving Loan Fund, which has provided about $1.3 million in low-interest loans to Harmony businesses since it was started in the late 1980s with a $100,000 state grant for an expansion at Harmony Enterprises.  As loans are repaid to the EDA the fund grows, making even more dollars available to assist businesses in Harmony. 


Under another program, the Home Construction Rebate program, the EDA grants a cash rebate of up to $20,000 to those who build a new home in Harmony. 


The EDA also has taken on a number of major development projects including redeveloping properties downtown in order to create much needed public parking and a pad-ready commercial site.  Another major project was the development of the Harmony Industrial Park which provides shovel-ready land for industrial growth and expansion.  The EDA also was responsible for Heritage Grove (now named Harmony Place); through project conception, site redevelopment, and construction as well as operations of the facility for nearly 10 years.  In addition to these major projects, the EDA has also successfully authored numerous community grants and provided a number of commercial and residential rehabilitation programs to help Harmony residents reinvest in their property. Current projects include continued commercial and industrial retention, expansion, and new development.  In 2018, the EDA helped secure $1.75 million to extend the Harmony State Bike Trail to Niagara Cave with a connection to future northeast Iowa trails to Cresco and Decorah. 


The EDA works in close partnership with many organizations such as the Harmony City Council, Harmony Area Chamber of Commerce, the Harmony Area Community Foundation, and both state and federal government.  The EDA can also provide free and confidential business planning, loan packaging, and marketing services to any Harmony business.  

For more information please contact the EDA at 507-886-2846 or cityoffice@harmony.mn.us.



Current EDA Board Members:


Kerry Kingsley, President

Steve Donney, Vice President

Andy Batstone, Treasurer

Greg Schieber, Member

Michael Himlie, Member





Chris Giesen, EDA Coordinator