Industrial Park Building Covenants

Harmony Industrial Park Building Covenants




Purpose of the signage standards is to establish a coordinated program that provides for occupant identification in a distinctive and attractive manner. Only Identification, directional, vehicular control and temporary signs are permitted.


All exterior signs must be approved by the City. Signs shall be limited to those which:


• Identify only the name, address and business of the occupant;


• Are not of unusual size or shape in comparison to the building for which they are used;


• Do not project above the roof


• Are not neon or flashing


• Are not larger than 100 square feet in total area


• Are not attached to trees or utility poles.




The purpose of landscaping is to maintain a park-like effect; the entire area of any lot shall be landscaped or lawned except for that portion occupied by buildings or other structures or parking lots.


All landscaping to be provided on any lot shall be completed within 120 days after substantial completion of construction of the buildings on the lot, subject to time delays as a result of adverse weather conditions.




All utility lines shall be located underground.




There shall be no operational industrial noise that constitutes a public nuisance.



Liquid and Solid Wastes

The discharge of untreated industrial wastes into a stream or open or closed drain is prohibited. All methods of sewage and industrial waste treatment and disposal shall be approved by the City of Harmony. All sanitary and process liquid waste must be discharged into the sanitary sewer system. The volume, quality and strength of all liquid waste shall be discharged into the sewer in strict accordance with regulations from the City of Harmony and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.



Smoke, Fumes, Gases, Dust, Odors.

There shall be no excessive emission of any smoke, fumes, gas, dust or orders. These and any other atmospheric pollutant which is detectable to the human senses at the boundaries of the lot occupied by such use is prohibited. In any case, the limit of such emission of air pollutants shall be subject to the approval or acceptance of the Harmony Planning and Zoning Board, Harmony City Council, and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.



Retail/Office Space

Retail shall only be allowable in the lots bordering MN Hwy 52 in phase 1 of the Industrial Park due to State regulation in regard to the infrastructure grant received by the City.



Car Lots

No used car lots shall be allowed after August 4th, 2005 unless approved by the Harmony EDA.



Parking Lot

Parking lots must be gravel, concrete, or asphalt






The City of Harmony holds final authority over any changes and/or deviations to the above criteria.


The above terms and conditions are subject to a development agreement and purchase agreement signed and in place prior to application for building permits.